Texas Longhorn Long Star State T-Shirt


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Not everybody understands Texans. And we get it, they can be a bit, shall we say, different? Occupants of the Lone Star State are full of pride and joy when it comes to Texas. Most Texans will boldly stand up and represent their State when necessary, or most times when it’s not.

One thing Texas is known for is agriculture. Whether it’s the FFA in school (Future Farmers of America, for those of you who don’t know). Or if it’s watching HEB commercials on how local farms supply Texans everywhere. Not to mention one of the major universities that use a Longhorn as it’s a symbol.

And because of this, we wanted to bring a little bit of Texas home to you with your very own Longhorn to display. And who knows, you might find a Texan wants to adopt you because they like you so much. Just don’t go singing Deep in the Heart of Texas to them, save that for Astros games.

The boring stuff is as follows: The Texas sun won’t keep you in the shade wearing this shirt. It’s a polyester and cotton blend, but at 4.3oz you can keep on tillin’ up the land without being too soaked in sweat.


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