Sonic Highways Piano Keys/Soundwave T-Shirt

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As musicians, my brother and I are always looking for a great melody, a new sound, a voice that sounds different than anything we’ve ever heard before. We look for new riffs, different musical structure. New ideas, fresh cyphers (or ciphers). Me personally, I look for music to move me, to make me think, soundwaves that make me feel something.

Sometimes people don’t understand why music means so much to others. But the ones who get it, you all know what it means to be moved by a song, an album, an artist, or lyric. Music speaks to us, to me, to you. It holds a very real power to change the world. Just look at an artist like Logic, who sings/named a song 1-800-273-8255, which is the number to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. When he sang it at the 2018 Grammy Awards, the calls to the Lifeline tripled. If that doesn’t express how powerful music can be, we don’t know what will.

This design features soundwaves morphing into the black and white keys that are so iconic of the keyboard and piano. It’s a deep blue imprint on a lightly heathered grey shirt, made of a lightweight fabric at 4.3oz comprised of a soft polyester and cotton blend. This garment does have a more athletic or slender cut, so if you think it make end up looking like a smedium, take it up a size.



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