On The Eighth Day God Created an Awesome Texas T-Shirt


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If you’re from Texas, then you know that it’s a different type of place. In general, people from Texas are kind, chivalrous and pretty much everyone owns a gun. We think different may be an understatement. But one thing about the Lone Star State that some may not realize is the bible belt and how much of an impact it has on the culture of Texas and it’s residence. If you didn’t go to church when you were growing up, well, bless your heart.

Being born and raised in Texas, two brothers look to take some of the greatest things about the state and make them wearable designs. This shirt features what some may see as blasphemy, while we see it as humorous and an embodiment of pride. But one thing that’s as serious as can be is the fact that if you wear this shirt, nobody questions how you feel about the state. The only way you could be more of a Texan is if you walked around with an Armadillo on a leash in one hand and a bouquet of Blue Bonnets in the other.

We all know how hot it gets in Texas, whether you’re sweating in Houston because it’s so close to the Gulf of Mexico, or you have a dryer heat in Waco or Austin, you still sweat. This shirt is a 4.3oz lightweight polyester/cotton blend. Which is sure to help keep you from grabbing a scoop of Blue Bell just to cool off.

This t-shirt does have a slimmer cut to it, so if you think you’re built like Bevo you may want to order a size up.

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