Old School Cassette Awesome Mix Vol. 1 T-Shirt


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Cassette tapes were awesome, weren’t they? Do you remember making a mixtape back in the day, jamming to it, flipping it over to listen to the B-Side? That is of course if your box didn’t eat it and never allow you to listen to it again.

Hours of sitting by the radio with pause and record pressed, waiting for your song to come on the radio so you could record it and listen to it again later. Only to hear the dreadful sound of that plastic film being stretched and mangled as your boom box ate lunch. Ok, so they weren’t THAT awesome, but it’s fun to look back and get all nostalgic and whatnot.

What IS awesome is being retro and displaying a piece of history on a fabulously soft and comfortable t-shirt, like this one here. Unlike those cheap t-shirts back in the day, this shirt is a thin 4.3oz polyester and cotton blend, built to keep you cool and stylish. The design is a muted yellow-gold imprint, with an easter egg from Guardians of the Galaxy mixed in. But keep in mind this shirt runs on the slimmer side, so if you’re built like Chris Pratt, you should probably order a size up.

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