North Texas Red Outline State Pride T-Shirt


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Yes, it is, it’s ANOTHER Texas design. But that’s ok because people love Texas! This design is a fairly simple one. Except now the spotlight is on the north and in the panhandle, and also our friends over in El Paso. But we can’t forget to leave out our friends in Lubbock, or Amarillo. Abilene can even get in on the fun with this one.

The design is a thick red upper Texas border, with a simple distressed Texas placed underneath. It’s a simple design, which is what we like sometimes. This is one of those designs that doesn’t scream “EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS!”. Instead, it sends a classy message, in an artistic way.

These don’t stay in stock long, so get them while they’re hot. But speaking of hot, you definitely won’t be while wearing it. It’s made of a lightweight fabric blend of cotton and polyester at 4.3oz. And the ink is thin and flexible, so you’ll barely know it’s there if you notice at all.


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