I’m So Fly I Neverland Peter Pan Parody T-Shirt


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The Lost Boys’ fearless leader always kept things interesting for Wendy and her brothers. Heck, even Mr. Smee and Captain Hook couldn’t keep him down! Peter Pan was the main event, and unless they had some dust from Tinkerbell, Pan was the only one who could fly.

Now since we know you can’t ACTUALLY get fairy dust, we have to fake it till we make it. So throw on this fly shirt and let everyone know where you stand. Especially if you and all the girls agree with The Offsprings.

These shirts are a polyester/cotton blend and are lightweight at 4.3oz. Which means you don’t have to be flying through the sky to stay cool in it. Also, if you’re built like Pan you’re good; but if not, and you’re a little more Smeeish, you may want to order a size up.

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