Abstract Artistic Guitar Headstock T-Shirt


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The goal of an artist is to create something that is timeless. Something that stands up to critics, to peers, to fans, and can cross all mediums. This is the ultimate achievement for artists. Whether it’s a painting, a symphony, a sculpture, or a culture.

Art is beautiful when you can see the emotion in and through it. I think we can all take second and remember a song that is tied to a memory in a strong way. Sometimes you can hear a song that simply moves you on its own. It’s not as common as it used to be, but it can and does still happen.

These emotions are why we like to create designs like this abstract piece, place in an abnormal print location. It takes a common love of a love of people in guitars, with an artistic twist. Most can recognize it, but it’s got style and soul, just like the person who would wear it.

If you’re a musician, this shirt will keep you cool on stage due to its lightweight properties; it sits at 4.3oz of a blended polyester and cotton fabric. And if you’re not a musician on stage, it’ll still keep you cool while you’re in the pit jamming out.

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